Rules and Expectations

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Rules and Expectations

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:50 pm

1.Respect Clan Members

2.Do not attack or steal from clan members

3.Excessive racism is not allowed

4.Do not annoy other clan members Respect another clan members rights

5.Report any violators to a clan leader

6.Obey orders given by clan members of higher rank or respectfully deny if beyond reason

7.Take it easy, we are here to have fun!

8.Excessive spamming and swearing is not allowed

9.Goofing around needs to be controlled

10.Assist teammates in need

11.Do not teach players not In the clan, clan exclusive tactics You are encouraged not team up with

12.players who are not in our clan, why? Because you don’t know who you can trust, however if at all choose wisely.

13. Do not abuse power and represent the clan with dignity!
Keep global chat in game to a minimum Do not take gear out by yourself. Generally only do so under the supervision of specialist + with a group

14. Do not sleep outside or have your feet/arms sticking out of a wall when you log off

15.Do not have a ton of stuff on your body before you log off. Put it away.

16.Do not dick around when we have important objectives to complete to secure the base

17.Do not say codes to doors in voice chat Do not make your own base in the compound or codelocked chests - No exceptions

18.Do not share Discord with anybody except clan members without permission of specialist +

19.Do not let players inside our compound unless told otherwise by a leader

20.Do not go on raids without a specialist or higher

21.Think twice about the resources being used. Use all resources wisely.

22.Always let the building be done at the discretion of the highest ranking member online. If it is the mainbase or anything very important and nobody specialist or higher is online save the resources until someone comes online. Building may be done by any ranking member if approved by a leader.


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